RiF010 Business club (the boardroom)

The Boardroom

Get the business in rotterdam moving

The Boardroom is the business club of RiF010. As a member, you surf along on the wave that moves business Rotterdam. At the same time, you contribute to our goal of making surfing accessible to all school children in Rotterdam!

RiF010, with its beach house featuring a
Restaurant & Surfbar, is the perfect place to gather with the business club. From the covered terrace of the beach house, you can enjoy the spectacle in the canal.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Despite Rotterdam being largely surrounded by water, children don’t often have the opportunity to engage in water sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding. By generating income from ticket sales, hospitality, the surf shop, and events, The RiF010 Foundation can fulfill its goal of providing sports and play opportunities for Rotterdam schoolchildren during physical education classes at RiF010.

the mission

How does the boardroom contribute

When you and your colleagues, partners, or friends learn to surf at RiF010, a portion of the Boardroom contribution goes towards the Rotterdam school youth. In this way, members of the Boardroom contribute to ensuring that all children in Rotterdam can have this unique experience!


Networking evenings


We organize Boardroom sessions six times a year at the most unique location in Rotterdam; the RiF010 beach house! These networking evenings are exclusive to Boardroom members and are introduced by inspiring speakers. Drinks and snacks are included during the Boardroom sessions.

Enroll now!


Depending on the ambition and size of your company, you can choose a Boardroom membership that suits you. Memberships always come with surf tickets, so your colleagues or relations can also surf. In addition, part of the contribution goes to the RiF010 Foundation.

RiF010 is looking for partners and Boardroom members who can identify with our mission and values, therefore, we cannot admit everyone.



Do you want to apply for the BoardRoom or do you have additional questions? Send a message to [email protected]