About us

Urban Surf

Surfing, right in the middle of the city.

RiF010 is for everyone. For young and old, beginner, pro, and everything in between. With us, you can catch your very first wave, but also ride barrels and perform airs. RiF010 is the world’s first surf pool located right in the middle of a city. The wave machine can be adjusted to preference: if there are only advanced surfers in the water, the waves can be turned up a notch. But there’s more. From the beach house, RiF010 rents out canoes and SUPs, and at set times, you can take diving lessons in the basin. There are also bike clinics on our pump track.


Our mission

Making surfing accessible to schoolchildren in Rotterdam

Our objective is to make surfing accessible to the school youth of Rotterdam. This means that Rotterdam schools can learn to surf at RiF010 at a reduced rate! With a successful operation of RiF010, we can introduce more and more Rotterdam students to the activities of RiF010 more frequently



As surfers, unfortunately, we are all too aware that the oceans are suffering from climate change, pollution, and overfishing. That’s why we operate RiF010 with as small an environmental impact as possible. For generating the waves and in the beach house, we use 100% sustainably generated energy, and energy savings were considered in the design. For example, the water in the surf pool is filtered using micro-sieves, which consume much less energy than traditional sand filters. In our Restaurant &
Surfbar, we use as little plastic and disposable packaging as possible.


Surfing for everyone

Born from passion

RiF010 is the first urban wave pool in the world. A wave you can surf on right in the middle of a city is unique! RiF010 was created by Edwin van Viegen in 2013, born out of his passion for  surfing. In addition, he has the dream of making surfing accessible to all school children in Rotterdam.